Building a home is often one of the most important financial decisions in a lifetime. Having a drawing which outlines a specific scope of work is an instrument which you can show a contractor to get an idea of the price to determine whether it fits within your budget before proceeding to further steps.


Yes! We love working with you on your finishes and can make great finish suggestions depending on your particular style including floors, cabinets and more! The more specific the information in the plans will yield you more accurate price from your contractor and less surprises later. You can purchase this service under our website located at ( Additionally, each our plans in our plan collection contains a full set of specifications already completed and if you wish to make changes, you can do so after purchasing the CAD version by clicking on the mentioned link.


We would be happy to modify one of our plans to meet your specific needs! We ask that you print the floor plan and mark it up with your requested changes and email it to Please include your name, telephone number, email address and location of where you will be building the house.
To pay for these modifications please select the Schematic Design services section on our website here ( and enter the number of rooms. You must purchase the CAD version of the plan the plan first before any changes are made.
If you prefer to work with someone local, you can purchase the CAD file and have a local architect or engineer make minor modifications, however, Prism Architecture, LLC cannot be held responsible for any these changes.
Please note that changes made to any home plan are legally considered to be derivative works of the plan. As the owner of the copyright of the home plan, only the original designer is entitled to copyright the derivative works. Any attempt by others to claim copyright in derivative works would be a violation of federal copyright law.


Because our house plans are copyrighted, they cannot be returned for credit or refund under any circumstances. We recommend you consult with your local builder and determine what you will need to build the home and to meet local building codes. Please make sure of your order before placing it. It is VERY important that you check the dimensions and building setbacks of your lot or land before selecting a home plan.